When the sewer line from your house to the street becomes clogged, there are several possible culprits. Tree roots may have penetrated the line through a faulty fitting or joint, or possibly through a broken section of the pipe. Older homes were equipped with clay or cast iron sewer lines, both of which were subject to collapse and crushing. Ground settling or improper installation can cause the sewer line to bow at some sections, causing what we call a "belly." Excessive toilet paper or paper towels, baby wipes, feminine products, etc. can also cause clog problems. Whatever the case may be, we are your solution for clean, free-flowing pipes.

Some homes are equipped with what is called a "cleanout." This is a 4" visible pipe above ground level that extends downward to your sewer line, allowing for easy access for maintenance and cleaning. Cleanouts are usually white PVC, but are sometimes black ABS plastic. They have a cap as to avoid odors, and are typically located at or near the front of the home, often with another one located further down the line towards the street. The existence of a cleanout allows for quick, easy, and inexpensive access to your sewer line for root removal, camera operations, and other maintenance. Using the cleanout, we are usually able to clear your sewer line to allow for full use. If a break, collapse, or excessive roots are present however, further repair work is needed, usually in the form of a spot repair. This consists of digging up the location of the problem and replacing the bad section of piping. Most often, this is necessary on much older lines made of cast iron or clay, but not as often on newer PVC lines.

If no cleanout exists outside, a toilet inside must be pulled from the floor and the sewer line must be serviced from this location. Often times there is a in-line cleanout in the basement or crawlspace, and we can access the sewer main from there.

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    When the sewer line from your house to the street becomes clogged, there are several possible culprits.

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